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Benefits of Spirulina: Vegetarian source of protein Helps cleanse and detoxify Excellent source of phytonutrients World’s most complete food

Spirulina NanoClusters, 120 capsules

Spirulina NanoClusters is a product comprising nutritive value of spirulina with the unique properties of nanoclusters. Nanoclusters assist in increasing the absorption and assimilation of nutritive elements by the body.

 One of the leading spirulina specialists R. Hendrixon from the U.S. called spirulina «Ideal food, which slows down aging process». He said that for elderly people it tends not only to prolong their life but also to improve its quality, by taking this biologically active additive. It improves the condition of skin, bones, muscles, and vessels.

It was proved that spirulina possesses anti-ischemic activity and stimulates the heart.

A complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids plays an important role in building and functioning of biological membranes and the regulation of intercellular processes in the body: they produce specific antisclerotic effect and antiplatelet action.

Elderly people taking spirulina in daily rate of 2g substantially decreases the level of general cholesterol in their blood, lipoproteids of low density and general lipids, and also slows down the intensity of lipid peroxidation with liver functioning improvement.

Spirulina is recommended to people having general problems with digestion, especially the elderly who are inclined to constipation. In Japan and Brazil spirulina is the acknowledged agent to fight these disorders. People with poor appetite as a result of having undergone an operation and other diseases can use spirulina as a concentrated source of protein and vitamins as consumption of less food. Patients suffering from ulcers, digestion disorders or some product intolerance can easily get necessary nutrients in concentrated form without overloading their digestive system.

Endocrinological centers in USA, Japan, Germany and Canada confirm that spirulina eliminates more than 20 kinds of serious metabolic disorders, concerned with endocrine system dysfunctions and more than 15 metabolic disorders, which are the consequences of vitamin, mineral and proteic deficiency. Positive effects of spirulina was revealed for dysfunctions of the thyroid gland, adrenal, thymus, sexual glands of men and women and also for diabetes.

Spirulina use:

  • increases immune status of the body;
  • compensates vitamin and mineral deficiency;
  • normalizes cholesterol levels and assists in cholesterol plaque dilution;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • stabilizes sugar level in blood;
  • normalizes proteic, carbohydrate and lipidic metabolism;
  • excretes toxins from the body.


Composition: Spirulina, Nanoclusters (potassium citrate, potassium carbonate, silica, purified-ionized water, magnesium sulfate, sunflower seed oil, other ingredients.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What do you mean when you say Spirulina is a complete protein?
A. Protein is broken down in the body into amino acids. There are eight amino acids that are considered essential because they must be obtained in the diet. The body cannot produce them on its own. Spirulina contains 18 of the 22 know amino acids including all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Q. Why is the protein in Spirulina so good?
A. Spirulina has a large quantity (70%) of high quality (85-95% digestible) protein. It is lower in calories and higher in protein efficiency than any other food. Many of Spirulina’s proteins are biliproteins, which are quickly broken down and assimilated. Good assimilation of proteins promotes blood cell production and tissue building so energy release can take place rapidly and effectively. This is part of the reason why many people report an immediate feeling of energy that lasts.

Q. I have heard you can get too much protein. Is this a problem with Spirulina?
A. No, although you can get too much protein of the wrong type. Beef protein, for example, is low in efficiency, largely indigestible, and high in fat. Spirulina protein is easily used by the body. It is highly digestible and low in fat. Its other properties encourage internal cleansing which is important for healthy metabolism.

Q. Is Spirulina good for pregnant women?
A. Spirulina is excellent for pregnant and nursing women because it has a high concentration of easily digestible protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, which are important during this time.

Q. Is Spirulina safe for children? How much should I give them?
A. Yes, children love Spirulina and it is safe and nutritious for them. The amount depends on the child’s metabolism, level of physical exertion, and lifestyle. Mexico did a study with babies using 10% Spirulina mixed in their milk with very positive results. Begin with a small amount — 1 tablet or ¼ teaspoon — and gradually increase until optimum daily amount is found.

Q. Spirulina seems to have a lot of Vitamin A. Is this safe?
A. Yes. Spirulina is very high in Beta-carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A as needed. Any excess is passed out of the body. Synthetic vitamin A can be toxic in large amounts; however, this is not true of Beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an important antioxidant that is highly beneficial to our health.

Q. Are there any preservatives in Spirulina?
A. There is no need to add preservative because Spirulina is a stable, dried food that will last for many years without spoilage or deterioration.

Q. Why do the color, smell, and taste of Spirulina sometimes vary?
A. Like any plant, Spirulina’s color, smell, and taste can vary depending on climatic conditions and the time of year it is harvested. These factors do not affect its nutritional value. The very dark blue-green Spirulina tastes different because it has more chlorophyll and phycocyanin pigments. The lighter green or dark brown Spirulina is just as nutritious. It has more Beta-Carotene and red porphyrin pigments.

Q. How does one serving of Spirulina powder equate to one serving of the tablets?
A. One serving of Spirulina tablets equals 6 tablets, which is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of powder (3 g). One serving size of powder is 2 teaspoons (6 g). One would have to take two servings of tablets to equal one serving of powder.

Q. How many milligrams of Spirulina are in the Spirulina Nanoclusters?
A. There are approximately 400 mg of Spirulina per Microclustered capsule.

Q. How do the Spirulina Nanoclusters compare to the Spirulina tablets?
A. There is slightly more Spirulina per tablet, however, the capsules are Microclustered ensuring a more highly absorbable product.




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