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 How is it used?

The Colo-Vada system is conveniently pre-packaged for easy and hassle-free cleansing.

Phase 1: 14 packets #1 (2/day) are used during the 7 days during pre-cleanse.
Phase 2: 8 packets #2 (2/day) and the enclosed 16 powder drinks are used for 4 days.
Phase 3: 6 packets #3 (2/day) are taken for 3 days to restore proper digestion.

Why we need to cleanse

Everyday our bodies accumulate pollutants and waste material that must be eliminated to remain healthy. Many health professionals now believe that almost all disease processes begin with a toxic colon. Just as we take out our garbage on a regular basis, we must learn to cleanse our bodies to fully regain health and vitality.

The colon plays a vital role in maintaining health, yet it is often overlooked and undernourished. Our bodies are constantly detoxifying and attempting to eliminate waste material. The function of the colon is to rid our system of unusable food products and environmental contaminants, along with dead cells and other metabolic waste. This toxic mixture accumulates in the colon, and it must be eliminated quickly and completely. If the body is unable to rid itself of these pollutants, free-radical production increases and all systems of the body may be harmed. However, through cleansing, the colon can begin to restore itself to proper functioning. This leads to enhanced digestion, improved absorption of nutrients, regular elimination and increased energy.

A new and improved Colo-Vada-Plus is now available. The new formula of Colo-Vada powder contains an even more effective detoxifying agent called Bentonite. Bentonite is an edible clay that bulks up inside the intestinal tract and absorbs toxins, such as pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful residues that can linger in the digestive tract. The psyllium in the powder also expands to trap toxins, waste, and mucus and pull them out of the body.

The new Colo-Vada powder also includes the herbs that used to be in tablet form, so you have fewer products to swallow while on the program. Thousands of RBC customers all over the world say the Colo-Vada cleanse has improved their health in life-changing ways.

Give your body a fresh start with this newly improved total body and colon cleanse!

  • Simplifies Total Body and Colon Cleansing.
  • Activates Elimination
  • 3-Phase Program
  • Complete 14 Day Program


Phase 1 Preparation (7 days)

During this preparation phase, the Colo-Vada system provides two daily packets of nutrients and herbs to activate the detoxification and elimination processes. This phase prepares the body for cleansing by drawing toxic build-up from the entire system into the colon. Toxins, heavy metals and other contaminants are drawn from the cells throughout the body and brought into the colon. This phase also brings the colon & bowels into proper function.

You’ll be taking one Packet #1 per meal (lunch & dinner). Eat normally but try avoiding diary, oily/fried foods, highly processed foods and start weaning off animal protein.

Contains: Packet #1 (Capsules/Tablets) 2/day

  • 1 – Ultimate vitamin
  • 1 – Mega Acidophilus
  • 1 – Vitamin C
  • 2 – Alfalfa
  • 1 – Cascara Sagrada
  • 2 – Combination Two
  • 2 – Black Walnut Leaves


Phase 2 Cleansing (4 days)

This is the colon-cleansing phase designed to eliminate accumulated toxic waste and parasites. Convenient packets of powder are included in your program, and you simply mix one packet with juice or water four times a day. This powder acts like a sponge as it expands in the system, absorbing toxins and hardened material from the intestinal wall. The waste can then pass easily and safely from the body. This phase is most effective if you consume only the powder drinks and supplements provided by the Colo-Vada system. Drink only water, unsweetened juices, herbal (decaffeinated teas) and Mineral Broth. Avoiding solid food as much as possible allows the powder mixture to loosen material without interference. The powder will expand and you should not feel hungry.

You’ll be taking two Packet #2 and four powder shakes separated evenly throughout the day. The Packets #2 break down the material in your colon and the shake absorbs it. Shakes should be taken at least one hour before and after any food or Packets to avoid being absorbed by it.

Juice fasting recommended during this phase. The swelling powder makes you feel full while brushing your intestinal walls clean.

Contains:Packet #2 (Capsules/Tablets) 2/day

  • 1 – Ultimate vitamin
  • 1 – Mega Acidophilus
  • 1 – Vitamin C
  • 2 – Alfalfa
  • 1 – Cascara Sagrada
  • 1 – Combination Two
  • 1 – Black Walnut Leaves


Powder (Shake) 4/day

  • Psyllium seed husk powder
  • Kaolin powder
  • Citrus rind powder
  • Lecithin powder
  • Prune powder
  • Banana flavor
  • Licorice extract


Phase 3 Restoration (3 days)

The final phase allows the digestive system & intestinal flora to be restored. Solid food is gradually re-introduced, starting with fruits & vegetables, and then small amounts of protein foods. Acidophilus and digestive enzymes are provided to re-establish the health of your digestive system. *

Start gradually re-introducing solid foods like live, raw organic vegetables (i.e. salads), fruits & small portions of protein. You may also add miso soup for rebuilding the intestinal flora and replenishing your minerals. You take one Packet #3 per meal (lunch & dinner).

Contains: Packet 3 (Capsules/Tablets) 2/day

  • 1 – Ultimate vitamin
  • 2 – Mega Acidophilus
  • 1 – Vitamin C
  • 2 – Alfalfa
  • 1 – Cascara Sagrada
  • 1 – DigestAble


It is highly recommended that you include fresh natural juices, Spirulina, Vitamieral Green and/or Greener Grasses during the cleanse. We also recommend the addition of Digestion Formula, Microhydrin, Artichoke Liver Cleanse and TRUAloe™ for optimum cleansing and repair.

We also recommend adding the electrolyte mineral broth to your diet during the cleanse and that you read the article on Coming Out of a Cleanse for best and lasting results.

Ayurvedic physicians suggest using this program twice a year. A high-fiber diet including ample fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and plenty of water will help maintain a healthy elimination system.




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