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HydraCel Alkalize and Hydrate. Unique liquid drops that reduce surface tension to create «wetter» water for enhanced hydration.

HydraCel, 60 ml

Key Benefits:

  • Creates alkaline drinking water
  • Improves cellular hydration
  • Lowers surface tension of water


HydraCel is a mineral concentrate of nanoclusters, improving the characteristics of the biological liquid surrounding the cell: pH level, surface tension and conductivity. HydraCel sets up conditions for its active participation in biochemical processes passing through the body, and for effective absorption of nutritive materials.

Nanoclusters are colloidal mineral clusters, the sources of negatively charged ions. They work as tiny magnets, pulling to their surface water molecules, the result of which is the formation of liquid crystal structure. The electric charge formed on such crystals, changes the water structure.

Nanoclustered silicon dioxide has a form of microballs with the diameter of about 5 nm, which group themselves forming bigger structures. Such particles have many charged sections; they are easily combined with water and liposoluble matters and possess physical properties uncharacteristic to other forms of silicon dioxide.

Nutritive materials have to be exposed before absorption in the body. Water soluble matters have a property, which is called critical surface tension (CST); this is the maximum surface tension, at which the substance is wetted. CST is determined by the number of electrical charges distributed on the substance surface. Water wets the surface thanks to the hydrogen bond. Hydrogen atoms comprising the water molecule are positively charged. To be wetted the surface has to be negatively charged.

The electric charge of the colloidal particles is much higher than that of the hydrogen bond. With the addition of nanoclustured colloids to the food, they join the surface of nutritive materials, enlarging it and forming a great number of sections, where the joining of hydrogen bonds takes place on the whole amount of liquid. As a result 100% wet ability of the product is provided.

Liposoluble nutritive materials are not wetted by the water; at encapsulating of oil particles into a colloidal structure a tiny ball is formed, which is combined with water outside and with oil inside of itself, and it is negatively charged on the surface. This charge determines absorption of nanoclustered particles from the thin intestine. The important characteristic of these particles is that they get into the body by passing the liver. Silicon dioxide is absorbed through undamaged mucous coat of the intestine, passing through the lymphatic and blood systems and getting into other tissues.

Therefore nutritive materials that are joined with nanoclusters by hydrogen bonds are easily transported into any human body cell.

Composition: nanoclusters (Calcium Carbonate, Silicon, Magnesium sulphate, Vegetable oil, Purified water).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a person with allergies or environmental sensitivities take HydraCel?
A. Yes. We have never had a report of anyone with an allergy or a sensitivity having trouble with this product.

Q. What is the shelf life of HydraCel?
A. Unopened the shelf life is virtually unlimited. Opened it lasts about 6 months.

Q. Will freezing damage the HydraCel?
A. No it will not.

Q. Does HydraCel leach chemicals from the plastic it is packaged in?
A. No! We only use medical plastic, which is completely inert.

Q. Can HydraCel be mixed with tap water?
A. Yes. In fact, HydraCel helps to deactivate the harmful free radical form of chlorine so you should use it when you need to drink tap water. However, we recommend you drink reverse osmosis or distilled water for its purity.

Q. Why doesn’t the HydraCel label state the amounts of the minerals listed?
A. HydraCel is not a mineral supplement. Minerals are listed because they comprise the NanoCluster structure. The amounts are not listed because they are less than 2% of the RDA and therefore, not required to appear on the label.

Q. What is the benefit of misting my face with HydraCel?
A. Misting with HydraCel before applying moisturizer will allow the cream to be better absorbed into the skin and you will be able to use less to cover the entire face.



To make the order

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