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Coral-Mine restores mesomorphic water structure. Being a unique liquid crystal, water perfectly provides
the aspect of inter- and intracellular
space.Alka-Mine,Coral-Mine (30 filter-sachets 1g each) Our body is 70% liquid; the blood, lymph, saliva,
mucous membranes being slightly alkaline (ph of the …

Energy, Endurance, Recovery. We all want it: More energy, faster recovery — and Microhydrin delivers!Microhydrin,
60 capsules Microhydrin has been proven to be the most powerful antioxidant on the world market,
it neutralizes and renders harmless free radicals generated by everyday metabolic process …

HydraCel Alkalize and Hydrate. Unique liquid drops that reduce surface tension to create «wetter» water for enhanced hydration.
HydraCel, 60 ml Key Benefits: Creates alkaline drinking water Improves cellular hydration Lowers surface tension of
water HydraCel is a mineral concentrate of nanocluster …

24Seven is a multivitamin/mineral supplement that includes whole foods antioxidants herbs spirulina aloe glyconutrients specific
heart-healthy ingredients24 Seven Life Essentials,360 caps Key Benefits: Highly bioavailable nutrition Convenient on-the-go
supplementation Supports overall health W …

A 14-day program consisting of three stages. Provides increased efficiency of cleansing as much as possible,
without breaking the vitamin-mineral balance.Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus, 14 Day Total Body Cleanse Key benefits:
Helps cleanse internal residue, toxins & parasites Improves regularity Revi …

Digestion Formula Enzyme and Probiotic SupportDigestion Formula, 90 caps Key benefits: • Broad spectrum enzyme
• Supports optimal digestion • Replenishes the body with healthy bacteria What is it?
Digestion Formula is a unique blend of enzymes and beneficial bacteria, which helps digest foods. Thes …

Artichoke NanoClusters, 90 capsules Key Benefits: Liver cleansing Digestive support Traditionally
known to help the liver release toxins The plant brought to Israel more than 100 years ago under
the direction of Baron Rothschild, became one of the most popular ingredients in natural medicine than …

Benefits of Spirulina: Vegetarian source of protein Helps cleanse and detoxify Excellent source of phytonutrients
World’s most complete foodSpirulina NanoClusters, 120 capsules Spirulina
NanoClusters is a product comprising nutritive value of spirulina with the unique properties of nanoclusters. Na …

How is it used? The Colo-Vada system is conveniently pre-packaged for easy and hassle-free cleansing.
• Phase 1: 14 packets #1 (2/day) are used during the 7 days during pre-cleanse. • Phase 2: 8 packets #2 (2/day)
and the enclosed 16 powder drinks are used for 4 days. • Phase 3: 6 packets #3 (2/day) …