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 Digestion Formula Enzyme and Probiotic Support

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Digestion Formula, 90 caps

Key benefits:

• Broad spectrum enzyme
• Supports optimal digestion
• Replenishes the body with healthy bacteria

What is it?

Digestion Formula is a unique blend of enzymes and beneficial bacteria, which helps digest foods. These enzymes and healthy bacteria are not often found in today’s modern diet.

What is it formulated to do?

Digestion Formula is designed to support optimal digestive health. It provides the body with the nutrients needed to support digestion and ease the symptoms of digestive discomfort.

Who may benefit?

Everyone can benefit from assisted digestion from natural, plant enzymes and probiotics. It is formulated to provide more energy, a stronger immune system and fewer digestive upsets.

How is it used?

Take 1–2 capsules of Digestion Formula with each meal to give your body the enzymes and probiotics it needs for healthy digestion. For children, open a capsule and sprinkle on their food just before eating.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who experience poor digestion, you already know the toll this can take on your energy level and overall health. There are many products designed to mask the symptoms of indigestion, but Digestion Formula from RBC Life Sciences is different. It gets to the root of the problem by supplying your body with a powerful blend of enzymes and probiotics, which are vital for healthy and complete digestion.

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Enzyme deficiency

Often, digestive problems are a sign of enzyme depletion. Cooked and processed foods are among the most serious threats to our enzyme supply. Raw foods contain enzymes that enhance digestion. However, cooked, canned and frozen foods, which make up the bulk of the modern diet, are devoid of enzymes because enzymes are destroyed by heat. The body must then draw from its limited supply of digestive enzymes to make up for this loss.

Enzyme replenishment

Enzyme supplementation is now believed to be an integral part of any wellness program. However, many enzyme supplements fail to address the full scope of the problem and don’t supply what is needed to replenish enzyme stores. Digestion Formula from RBC Life Sciences is a uniquely formulated, health-promoting way to support optimum digestion and elimination. It contains the full complex of necessary enzymes. *

Enzymes are very specific, so you need a variety to work on all of the different foods in your diet. For example, the enzyme protease breaks down proteins. Our formula contains a range of protease enzymes along with peptidase, to complete the process of breaking down peptides into useable amino acids. Peptidase also aids in the digestion of a wheat protein called gluten, which causes digestive problems for many people.

The enzyme amylase breaks down carbohydrates. Along with amylase, we have included other necessary enzymes to complete the process of creating the simple sugars the body can use. The enzyme cellulase has been added to assist the body in digesting fiber, which can enhance your body’s absorption of vital minerals. Lipase accomplishes the tasks of breaking down fat and enhancing your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Other vital enzymes

Another enzyme in Digestion Formula, alpha galactosidase, is an innovative addition to this product. It has been scientifically shown to successfully help the body deal with indigestion and gas caused by foods such as beans, cabbage and other vegetables. *

Digestion Formula contains bromelain, an important enzyme taken from pineapple. Bromelain aids in the digestion of protein, and it has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Papain, from papaya, has also been added for broader support in digesting proteins. The improper digestion of proteins can lead to food allergies and many other common health issues.

Intestinal health

With this full spectrum of powerful enzymes, Digestion Formula is a complete digestive aid, but there’s more. We’ve included additional nutrients to ensure complete support of the intestinal environment. A healthy intestine contains bacteria to help complete the digestive process, to eliminate toxins and to actually produce more enzymes.

Many of us lack healthy intestinal bacteria due to pharmaceutical drugs, stress or poor eating habits. To remedy this, we have included 500 million strains of friendly bacteria in each serving of Digestion Formula. These probiotics work to improve digestion and help to defend the body against disease-causing bacteria.

No other digestive product takes such a total look at digestive health, providing both the enzymes and friendly bacteria to support the body through all the stages of digestion for optimal health.




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