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Artichoke NanoClusters, 90 capsules

Key Benefits:

  • Liver cleansing
  • Digestive support
  • Traditionally known to help the liver
  • release toxins


The plant brought to Israel more than 100 years ago under the direction of Baron Rothschild, became one of the most popular ingredients in natural medicine thanks to its high efficiency and wide range of actions.

In Russia artichoke has been used since 17th century as a remedy «against jaundice, edema, joint pain, and for clogged liver and kidney cleansing».

Artichoke is a natural storage of useful ingredients; it contains coffeelkhine acids (derivative from caffeic acid), flavonoids and sour matters contained in all the parts of the plant.

Of the highest value is silimarine, which is one of the best hepatoprotectors today. In addition, artichoke contains proteins, carbohydrates, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, C, B1, B2, carotene, minerals, especially potassium salts. Due to the high content of insulin in the artichoke pulp it is recommended to take as a dietary supplement for pancreatic diabetes. Silimarine and other artichoke flavonoids are effective for liver diseases; they assist in body protection from destructive kidney toxins and possess cleansing properties. At high intoxication levels one needs to take artichoke, as its silimarine destroys toxins completely. Artichoke is recommended to those who have skin problems, for smokers, alcohol drinkers and those living in polluted environments.

Functional effects of artichoke:

  • It activates the work of the intestine; it is useful for constipation, and it assists in intestine peristalsis;
  • It draws toxins, heavy metals salts, and radionuclides from the body;
  • It assists in liver regeneration, stimulates the excretion of activity products, helps with dyspepsia and lowers the level of choline esterase, which leads to decrease of fatty and lipid liver excretion; lowers cholesterol level in blood;
  • Choleretic effect;
  • It has a diuretic action, fastens the excretion of excess fluid and urea from the body, kreatinine and other nitrogen-containing compounds;
  • It maintains the perfect skin condition, providing the body with essential nutrients.


Intake of Echinacea for kidney diseases, exposure of chemical toxins contained in air and food products, stimulates immune system, and assists in detoxication.

Spirulina is rich in easy-to-absorb proteins; it contains amino acids, minerals, microelements and vitamins. It normalizes metabolism, increases immunity and resistance to diseases.

Nanoclusters improve active materials absorption and transportation.

Composition: Artichoke leaf extract, Echinacea root, Spirulina, NanoClusters, other ingredients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do Artichoke NanoClusters work to clear up the skin?
A. Our artichoke extract contains high percentages of bioflavonoids, which act as powerful detoxifiers and promote liver metabolism. It also promotes the elimination of excess water, stimulates bile flow, and improves digestion. All of these benefits can bring about healthy, clear and radiant skin.

Q. Who is Artichoke NanoClusters recommended for?
A. Anyone can benefit form this product, however, it is specifically recommended for those with skin conditions, as well as those who smoke, drink alcohol, or are exposed to environmental pollutants. Everyone can benefit from the liver cleansing and digestion enhancing benefits of artichoke.

Q. Why do I have to avoid acidic beverages when taking Artichoke NanoClusters?
A. Simply because these beverages diminish the effectiveness of the product.

Q. The label says to take 6 capsules for two weeks and then reduce. What if my skin does not clear up in two weeks?

A. If your skin does not clear up in two weeks, you may continue the 6 capsule dosage as long as you like. There is no danger in taking more, as it is completely non-toxic.

Q. Can a teenager use the recommended dosage of this product?
A. Absolutely.




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